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The Friends of The Romeo & Juliet Choir was formed in 1999. The goal is to continuously highlight the choirs’ artistry, as well as helping the ensemble to spread the rich musical treasure of the Renaissance.

Become a member

As a member of The Friends of the Romeo & Juliet Choir, you get the opportunity to actively experience the renaissance music and theater world. Association of Friends offers you:

  • Special offers and discounts on concert tickets and CDs.
  • Premium member concerts with performances by the choir, get-togethers with the choir and other Friends.
  • Member evenings and seminars with themes from the Renaissance.
  • Opportunity to attend open rehearsals of the choir.
  • Member trips to the choirs’ performances.
  • Promotional email offers from the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the choir.

You become a member by paying the annual fee to The Friends of the Romeo & Juliet Choir. Swedish plusgiro number 1267934-6. Enter the name, address and e-mail of the member when you do your payment.

  • Annual fee for one person: 150 SEK
  • Annual fee for a family (living at the same address): 250 SEK

If you wish to subscribe one of your friends to The Friends of the Romeo & Juliet Choir, if you’re already a member and changed address, found your name misspelled or if you have other questions about the membership, please contact chairman Per Tegnér: or tel +46(0)70-340 47 96.