Renaissance in Croatia

Renaissance in Croatia


Romeo & Julia Kören Croatia tour

We are very glad to return to Croatia, and this year we are visiting Dubrovnik first. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra has arranged for us to perform our long running hit production “The Decameron” at the Rector’s Palace on the 17th of September. It will be an evening filled with steaming stories of lust, love and wit, and beautiful Italian renaissance music. On the 18th of September we will perform our Renaissance Concert at the Rector’s Palace. Masterpieces from the English and Italian Baroque and French Renaissance. A concert beyond the ordinary. We hope there will be time to swim and practice our water ballet this year as well, before we continue to Varazdin to participate at the Varazdin Baroque Evenings. Sweden is the partner country for this 49th festival of VBE and we are proud to represent Sweden at the Opening Night of the festival and also on the 22nd of September in the magnificent Concert Hall of Croatia National Theatre Varazdin with our Renaissance Concert.


Summer review

After a lovely summer with wonderful concerts at Gripsholm’s and Kronoborg’s Castles among other venues, we are ready to take on this autumn. Here is a review from our concert at Kronoborg’s Castle:

Review by Janna Li Holmberg, Smålandsposten 12/8 2019

“Romeo & Julia Kören entertains and charms regardless of the audience’s musical preference.

The audience gets to feel like the court being entertained by the court musicians. And my, this music is groovy. The lyrics are in French, Italian, Spanish and English. But the theatrical expression makes it easy to understand everything. We are served a rich palate of burlesque comedy, courting, romance, jealousy, drama and gossip. The ensemble is playful, spontaneous and flirtatious, and the music beautiful.  Not a stand or baton in sight. Conductor Benoit Malmberg bustles about and together with his singers and musicians mold each piece of music into creation.

One gets the impression that they improvise the whole concert as if they are just playing a game. They surprise with jests and unexpected moves. Suddenly the ensemble starts stealing hats, bags, and even a child from the audience.

We get to know the playfulness of the French renaissance songs and the groove and grandeur of the Spanish pieces. The courteous style of the English songs reminding of folk songs, and finally the more theatrical Italian ones. Vocals and music are mixes with elegantly synchronized claps, stomps and finger snapping.

Romeo & Julia Kören, which has performed at Nobel banquets and at The Royal Dramatic Theatre among other venues, have really found their own expression. They make renaissance music feel modern, fun and immensely groovy.”


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