Wood Painting

by Ingmar Bergman

Love is just another word for lust plus lust plus lust plus a whole lot of deception, betrayal, lies and all-round scams.
Jöns, from the play

The setting in Wood Painting is a no- man’s-land in which the characters wander towards an unknown fate. We meet the knight Antonius Block and his squire Jöns who are returning from the Holy Land. On their walk they meet with various characters and take part in their fates. We are introduced to many themes that are recurrent in Bergman´s later work. The approaching death and the doubt of God´s existence are ever present in the shadow of the medieval plague.

The play Wood Painting was inspired by a medieval church painting and the story later became the basis of Bergman´s The Seventh Seal. Romeo & Julia Kören´s Wood Painting consists of Bergman’s play and a musical prelude to the story. The music in the prelude is retrieved from the Middle Age, the era in which the play is set. The music is skillfully intertwined with parts of allegoric medieval writings which were an important source of inspiration to Bergman in his work on Wood Painting. The prelude guides the audience into the dreamlike mood of the play.

With Benoit Malmberg’s artistic touch the music and writings merge into atmospheric scenes with a clear heritage of Bergman’s tableau style. In 2012 Benoît Malmberg received His Majesty The King’s Medal for achievements as Artistic Director of Romeo & Julia Kören.

Romeo & Julia Kören’s Wood Painting premiered during the Bergman Week at Fårö 2017 and will tour in Sweden and internationally during the 2018 Anniversary.

  • Text: Ingmar Bergman
  • Director: Benoît Malmberg
  • Cast: Jonas Bergström, Urban Wedin, Britta Ingmarsdotter, Johanna Tibblin, Joakim Sikberg, David Sigfridsson, Mia Ternström, Frida Grundel, Jenny Rosén Wedin and Niklas Atterhall

In 2000 Romeo & Julia Kören received The Ingmar Bergman Award for their performance of Macbeth at The Royal Dramatic Theater. In 2018 Romeo & Julia Kören honors the Bergman Centenary with a production of Bergman’s Wood Painting. 

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