Romeo & Julia Kören celebrates 30 years as an ensemble with a concert filled with beautiful and rich music by one of the great hitmakers från the renaissance; Bartolomeo Tromboncino.

Romeo & Julia Kören embraces Tromboncino’s music with love and passion, rips it apart and molds it into their own musical expression in this dramatized concert inspired by carnivals and court festivities of renaissance Italy.

 Born in Verona 1470, Bartolomeo Tromboncino became one of the most popular lutenists, composers and entertainers of his time. His songs were played at carnivals, weddings and theaters. He was employed by the courts of Milan, Venice, and Pavia and his patrons, amongst others were Lucretia Borgia and Isabella d’Este, who fought to have him in their stall of musicians. 

 Tromboncino lived in a violent and turbulent time when Europe was torn apart by religious wars and people were tormented by oppression and epidemics. And yet, the Arts flourished. Thanks to his patrons Tromboncino was able to create music to bring love, joy and comfort to his listeners in dark times.

Mascherata is a celebration of music, art, and life. Through history and today.

Duration: 1 h 15 min

Artistic director: Benoît Malmberg

Lutenist: Niklas Atterhall

Ensemble: Anna Ander, Anna Hansson, Frida Grundel, Malin Sternbrink, Mia Ternström, Jenny Salomonsen, Peter Åström, Lukas Kvissberg, Fredrik Jäderling, Fredrik Ell, Joakim Sikberg, Thomas Lundqvist