Longing for Home

During the 19th century a fourth of Sweden’s population emigrated to America in the hope of a better future.
The letters they sent back home depict the frankness and joy of starting a new life in this Good Country and enthusiastically describes all that was better there compared to their mother land. But they also tell of how difficult it was  to settle into a foreign culture with a new language and of the feeling of having left a home one could never return to.

Longing for Home is a musical collage that portrays a note and sense of the era of the Swedish emigration.
Excerpts from authentic letters written by Swedish emigrants in the 19th century, including the author C.J.L Almquist, are intertwined with music that the Swedes brought from their home land, such as traditional folk music and hymns, and also with music that was popular in America during that time – American sacred harp songs.
The singing is accompanied by guitar, double bass and harmonica.

”One cannot imagine what it is like to leave one’s home and move to a new country to live as a foreigner.”

Director Benoît Malmberg
Costume Barbro Hellsing, the Costume department at Dramaten

Opening 19 September 2014 in Paulikaféet at Dramaten.

Program (Swedish) (PDF)


  • Amerikavisan (Emigrantvisan) – trad
  • Orsa vallåtspolska – trad. Text Werner Heidenstam, Bearbetning Gunnel Mauritzson
  • Käraste gossar dansen på tå – ur Lagus, E., Nyländska folkvisor 2
  • Lef väl – ur Ahlström, J.N., 300 nordiska folkvisor
  • Av himlens höjd oss kommet är – Martin Luther
  • Windham – sacered harp
  • Ena tocka däka – trad
  • En gång när jag bliver gift – trad
  • Mother tell me – sacred harp
  • Vem sade ordet skål – trad (mel Vårvindar friska)
  • Ack Ack om det vore dag – trad
  • Du som har hela mitt hjärta – trad
  • Ack om jag hade ett vingspar – trad. Arr: Martina Jordan, text vers 2 Frida Grundel
  • Amerikavisan/Emigrantvisan – vers 1, 2, 4, 5


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Photo Sören Wilks

Photo Sören Wilks

Photo J-O Wedin

Photo J-O Wedin


  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Ensemble: 5 persons.
  • Stage requirements: Flexible, preferable good acoustics.
  • Lighting: flexible
  • Sound: If possible no amplification. In large venues or challenging acoustic condition amplification is required with wireless head mikes for singers/actors and dpa-system for guitar and double basse.
  • Scenografi: Please consult the producer.
  • Dressing room: 5 persons (2 ladies, 3 gentlemen), mirrors and good lighting.