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Concerts beyond the ordinary

A Renaissance concert with Romeo & Julia Kören is truly a musical experience beyond the ordinary. In the world of early music, Romeo & Julia Kören has carved out its own niche. As Artist in residence at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, the ensemble honors a musical storytelling tradition. The theatrical concerts are created to thrill the eyes as much as the ears. Drama, music and choreography are fused into an expressive, playful, genre-transcending experience.

“The gigantic difference seems quite clear between a traditional show with Renaissance music performed by a choir and this innovative presentation, full of talent, creativity and charm.”

Mario Córdova, Las Últimas Noticias (Chile)


Renaissance for everyone…

The sizable repertoire span from Italian, Spanish, English, and French Renaissance and  Baroque masterpieces to Slavic songs and fiery Swedish folk tunes, songs that features tender tales of love as well as burlesque comedy. With arrangements specifically written for the ensemble. Artistic Director Benoît Malmberg dares to challenge the traditional way of performing this music, reviving it and making it speak to an audience of today.

The songs are performed accompanied by lute and percussions, double bass and guitar, depending on the choice of music. Romeo & Julia Kören performs in various constellations ranging from fifteen singers down to a quartet, or a soloist.



The concerts are adapted to make the most out of each specific venue, be it a castle, church, concert hall, private home, garden, town square, or any other physical space. No venue is too big or too small.  Romeo & Julia Kören transforms any space into a stage and creates a magical world for the audience to take part in and share with them their joy and love for this music.

Ever-evolving, Romeo & Julia Kören´s prime objective is to captivate and entertain.


“The special feature that Romeo & Julia Kören has developed is a full-fledged musical genre that combines singing, scenic narrative and choreography. […] The result is a playful performance, with excellent audience contact and a twinkle in the eye.”

Gregor Flakierski,  Allehanda (Sweden)

P R E S S  Q U O T E S

… An ingenious way to revive to large parts forgotten music.
Charles T. Downey | The Washington Post (USA)

This cast is so adept in their ability to tell a story through movement, both dramatic as well as comical, that you found yourself engrossed in characters as they made their way through a series of romantic encounters that consisted of every imaginable combination. Finding love has never been so much fun. /…/ Bravo to the entire cast and special applause to Director Benoit Malmberg/…/. 
Mike Telin,

It was hard to determine whether the artists were singers who acted splendidly or actors who sang perfectly.

The Vijesnik, Croatia

What the Swedish visitors offer can’t be described as a mere concert. It’s an artistic smorgasbord full of vaudevillian pratfalls that rub shoulders with flirtatious interplay, acrobatic feats, histrionic hijinks and singing/…/
Donald Rosenberg,

As they showed in two productions, experimental theater is an ingenious way to bring largely forgotten music back to life.
/…/ The updating of some of the pieces – a Swingle Singers version of Farmer’s “Fair Phyllis,” jazzed up with snare brushes played on paper, or Josquin’s “El grillo” morphed into a drum circle – further underscored the goal of these performances, to revive this old music not as we think it may have been but as part of something new.
Charles T. Downey, The Washington Post

This Swedish group…a small group of traveling gems from a resident group of dozens in their home country…excelled in combining delightfully blended singing with most humorous interplaying to keep up a steady rumbling of audience laughter.
Bob Anthony, AllArtsReview4u

Once again Teatro del Lago made it big time/…/by presenting these world class artists/…/
Las Últimas Noticias, Chile

Humor, playfulness and musicality. […] The musical performance was at a high level, following and illustrating the textual content. […] Each current madrigal felt respectfully treated and reproduced in a new, refreshing twist.
Christer Eklund | Dalarnas Tidningar  (Sweden)

This was a masterpiece that must have filled every member of the audience with elation.

Nenad Turkalj | The Vijesnik, (Croatia)


P R E S S  P H O T O

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Photo Urban Wedin

Photo Urban Wedin

Photo Urban Wedin

Photo Urban Wedin

Photo Urban Wedin


  • Venue Preferably with good aqoustic, if the aqoustic conditions requires we need microphones (head set) 5-13 surcuits depending on size of ensemble.
  • Stage Flexible
  • Lighting We use the lighting at hand.
  • Sound 4-12 head sets depending on size of ensemble
    1 microphone for lute (to be taped on wrist)
    monitors on stage (only lute sound)
  • Dressing room 2 rooms (women, men) mirrors and good lighting, water, te and coffee