Fredman´s Funeral

Fredman lived until he died

His body a tavern

His soul a clock inside

(from Ur vägen och vik, Fredman´s Epistle No 26)

Clockmaker Fredman has died and his friends gather for the funeral. The event turns into a celebration of life´s passions, pains, beauty and comedy through Bellman´s lyrics and music.

Carl Michael Bellman was the greatest Swedish lyricist of the 18th century. A poet, entertainer and musician, he combined stylized realism with comedy and a unique delicate sense of language and rhythm. His patrons included King Gustav III of Sweden who called him a master improviser.

His lyrics depict a vivid image of 18th century Stockholm and its inhabitants, there amongst clockmaker Fredman. He, as well as Bellman, was a lover of dionysiac excitements and ended his days a ragged drunk.

For 27 years, Romeo & Julia Kören has collaborated with the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, where they have developed their own artistic expression challenging the boundaries between a concert performance and musical theatre.

Now, Romeo & Julia Kören takes on the works of Carl Michael Bellman in Fredman´s Funeral