Romeo & Julia Kören has 28 years of experience in performing at a wide range of events. With their theatrical approach in performing music from the renaissance and early baroque, wearing beautiful costumes, this ensemble transforms any space into a magical world for your guests to inhabit.

Whether you have certain requests or if you leave the creation all up to us, we will make your event an experience for your guests to remember. We have a concept for every occasion be it a dinner party, wedding, event, happening or gala dinner.

The members of the ensemble are all accomplished performers in their own right. Musicians, actors, singers and dancers, their joint talents blend to create unique performances filled with spectacular music, drama, romance and comedy. Romeo & Julia Kören’s contemporary approach speaks directly to the audience; no previous knowledge of Renaissance music is necessary.


No venue is too big or too small for this fantastic and inventive ensemble, be it a castle, garden, concert hall, private home or street corner. Artistic Director Benoît Malmberg knows no boundaries in using whatever at hand and with his artistry creating musical magic anywhere at any time.

Romeo & Julia Kören perform in various constellations ranging from fifteen singers down to a quartet, or a soloist, with Renaissance lute and percussions, double bass or guitar, depending on the choice of music.

Without being bound by microphones and speakers the ensemble moves around freely in halls, stairways and among people. The ensemble members are skilled improvisers and take pride in meeting the audience eye to eye in a warm and personal way and aim to spread joy and laughter with their music, dance and performance. Ever-evolving,  Romeo & Julia Kören´s prime objective is to captivate and entertain.


The sizable repertoire span from Italian, Spanish, English, and French Renaissance and  Baroque masterpieces to Slavic songs and fiery Swedish folk tunes, songs that features tender tales of love as well as burlesque comedy. With arrangements specifically written for the ensemble, artistic director Benoît Malmberg dares to challenge the traditional way of performing this music, making it appealing and relevant to an audience of today.

Romeo & Julia Kören’s significant way of performing has captivated audiences and critics alike around the world for almost thirty years. Tours have taken the ensemble to more than 35 countries and have given the ensemble the opportunity to meet and connect with people of many different cultures and social backgrounds, from nobles to orphans, kings and queens, school children, newly weds, refugees…

Music really is a universal language.


  • 1992, Romeo & Julia Kören appeared at the Nobel Prize Banquet for the first time. Since then, the ensemble have been the main entertainment at the Banquet five times.
  • 1999 Ingmar Bergman honored Romeo & Julia Körenwith his personal award.
  • 2010 the Crown Princess of Sweden wanted Romeo & Julia Kören to be a part of her wedding celebration which was broadcasted live on TV for three hours.
  • 2012  Artistic Director  Benoît Malmberg received the King’s medal for his outstanding artistic work with Romeo & Julia Kören.

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