Dining with Shakespeare

An evening to enjoy with all senses!

The table is set – for the audience, Shakespeare and Romeo & Julia Kören. We want the audience to feel as if they are transported right back to Shakespeare’s days. Sitting around tables at court or in a tavern, enjoying great food and drinks, the audience will be served Shakespearian delicacies by singers, musicians and actors all around them.

Music from Shakespeare’s plays and of his time, french, english and italian renaissance music, sonetts and scenes from some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays will be performed all through the evening. In beautiful renaissance costumes, with wit and vibrant presence, Romeo & Julia Kören creates a memorable evening to enjoy with all senses, a concert experience beyond the ordinary.

“Romeo & Julia Kören marvellously combine excellent actig, superb singing, relaxedness, ingenious stage movement with plenty of comical and funny situations and dramaturgical solutions.”

Sanja Drazic – Dubovaci Vjesnik

Video recording during a rehearsal in the Marble foyer at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.