Christmas concert

A Christmas concert with Romeo & Julia Kören brings new life to traditional Christmas carols from the middle ages , through the renaissance and early baroque until today. The scenic interpretations enhances the powerful messages of these songs, reminding us of why Christmas is such an important holiday, celebrating love, wonder, and solidarity.

The three Kings, the Saint Lucia, and Christmas elves all take the stage but might not always behave as expected. The Romeo & Julia Kören’s Christmas concert is a generous mix of magic, beauty, and joy, giving the audience room to experience both wonder and laughter.

Romeo & Julia Kören’s Christmas concerts  have sold out at the Royal Dramatic Theatre since 2005.


Romeo & Kören mix well known Christmas carols with unexpected songs in their Christmas concert.  The costumes adds a lot to the atmosphere, as does the Christmas elves. Christmas cannot be blamed for being minimalistic, but Romeo & Julia Kören  finds elegance in al the traditions, without compromising the Christmas spirit. Like sipping mulled wine from a champagne glass. 
Gefle Dagblad

It is one of the best Christmas concerts I have ever seen, with so much more quality than the many plastic parcels touring the country during December. I am instantly wrapped in a magical Christmas spirit.


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Julkonsert - RJK

Foto Urban Wedin

Julkonsert 2012 - RJK

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Foto Pontus Hölminge