Here we have gathered useful information for concert organizers. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

No event is too big and no customer is too small for The RJK. Do you want to book the whole choir for your business event or a soloist to your child’s baptism? We have the resources you need, and we will gladly help you with advice and information. Are you a small organizers’ association or an international festival, or are you a big institution or a private individual – contact us and we will help you. We have experience from the smallest to the largest events.


Here are some general guidelines. These vary from show to show and depend on the situation, so we always try to get in touch with you before a performance in order to agree on all the details.

Dressing rooms
We usually perform in costume and in make up and for that reason need somewhere with good light and  mirrors where we can get changed, get our make up on and do our hair. Moreover, it is good to have somewhere to store valuables and personal things during the performance.
If we are served some coffee, tea and water in the dressing room, we will be very happy.

In general, we try to perform without any amplification. But sometimes the venue requires amplified sound. We like to have as much information as possible about the venue (maximum size of the audience, size of the room, type of room, location of the stage) in order to decide what amplification we will need, if any. Pictures of the venue is allways a good start.


We love it if the audience can see us well on stage, but we do not bring our own light. We prefer to use whatever lighting the venue can offer. The requirements varies between different productions and venues. We will help you to find the best solution for the program you want.


For travels outside Stockholm the travel expenses will be added on the price. The price is determined by the distance to the venue, the number of members travelling and how much set design and props we need to bring. All will be agreed on in advance. We will always try to find the most cost effective and convenient solution.


When a venue is more than two hours from Stockholm, we usually need to spend the night in a hotel. The cost for accommodation will be added to price, unless otherwise agreed. Typically we need single rooms and normal hotel standard.


The ensemble often need to be at the venue early and stay late. Often it is difficult to get something to eat. If it is hard to find food, coffee, tea or refreshments close to the venue, we appreciate your help to arrange this.


Urban Wedin


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Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.