About RJK | Romeo & Julia Kören
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About RJK

Vocal drama

Born of the stage, Romeo & Julia Kören honours a musical storytelling tradition.

Since their start in 1991 Romeo & Julia Kören has toured more then 30 countries including China ( 2017), USA, Chile, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Japan, France, Iceland, Tibet, Mexico, Kurdistan and Kosovo.  Romeo & JuliaKören has also performed at the Nobel Prize banquet on five separate occasions and at the wedding of Crown Princess Viktoria and Prince Daniel in 2010.

The ensemble sings and emotes, making each performance a visual as well as a musical experience. The result is a unique form of vocal drama. Their eclectic repertoire spans from Italian Renaissance and French Baroque to Slavic songs and fiery folk tunes. Romeo & Julia Kören takes the  audienceon a magic carpet ride that features tender tales of love as well as burlesque comedy.

The ensemble was formed in 1991 singing musical interludes in a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. After that they produced their own Renaissance concerts that display the distinctive flair of their Artistic Director, Benoît Malmberg — a magnificent mélange of singing, dance and theatre. The ensemble is a mix of singers, actors, musicians and dancers. They perform in various constellations, ranging from fifteen singers  down to a quartet, or a soloist, with a Renaissance lute and percussion instruments painting a musical backdrop. Drama and vocals are fused into an expressive, playful, genre-transcending experience. Ever-evolving,  Romeo & Julia Kören´s prime objective is to captivate and entertain.

Renaissance concert

A Renaissance concert showcases the most playful side of  Romeo & Julia Kören. Benoît Malmberg deftly conducts his choir through selections from their sizable repertoire, some 150 pieces, generally accompanied by a Renaissance lute and percussions. Renaissance concerts are held at the Royal Dramatic Theatre three times a year: spring, summer, and at Christmas. When performing at other venues, the Renaissance concert format is adapted to suit the particular venue.

Musical drama

The Musical drama format is a fusion of music, drama and choreography. The music enhances the story and the stagecraft boosts the impact of the songs. This dual-force effect has captivated audiences and critics alike at festivals around the world for more than two decades. Romeo & Julia Kören’s contemporary approach speaks directly to the audience; no previous knowledge of Renaissance music is necessary.